Posted by pornopeteDecember 20th, 2011

Wine, Chocolate And Good Music

Guys, when getting ready for a night of sex with a new special someone, it’s important to set a romantic, sexy atmosphere. Make sure the house is clean and reasonably neat, and always make sure the bathroom is extremely clean. Women will notice the cleanliness of the bathroom and the kitchen more than any other […]

Posted by pornopeteJune 2nd, 2011

Free Porn Means Free Women

A woman who knows her body and feels happy fearless and sexy is truly free. Porn is not the enemy of that freedom. A brave door to a wider world that will help young women shake the the old story and let then know that they do not need to be anything more then human. […]

Posted by pornopeteMay 30th, 2011

The Elusive Orgasm

Everyone loves an Orgasm. And really, when we think about it, why the hell wouldn’t they? Sometimes in our hectic, fast paced and crazy lives there is no better method of stress relief, escape, relaxation, and the creation of a general sense of well being and contentment than catching up with a wily orgasm. These […]

Posted by pornopeteDecember 24th, 2010

Sexiest Polar Mammals

Let’s herald in the birthday of our magic sky friend with a witty collection of pseudo bestiality thinly veiled as humor, shall we? Sexiest Polar animals, GO: Walrus- In this day of cosmetically induced homogeneity it’s rare to find someone who stands out from the crowd. If you think a grease-stained beard with a hairy back […]

Posted by pornopeteNovember 29th, 2010

Big Cities Have Sexual Allure

A quiet night in the country can lead a couple on a romantic liaison in a forest, to some quiet humping on a blanket in a field under a starry night sky or some oral sex high atop the loft of a barn in the quiet and tranquility of a much needed respite. But some […]

Posted by pornopeteNovember 18th, 2010

Sexual Foods: What You Eat May Influence Where You Spend The Night

Have you ever wondered why there are days that you can’t stop thinking about sex, and others where you don’t even check out your new secretary in her see through dress and black thong? As human beings our sexual health is complex, and our hormonal composition is governed by many factors. While there are many […]

Posted by pornopeteNovember 3rd, 2010

How to Buy Lingerie for Your Lady

Looking to get some free porn in the comfort of your own home? Splurging on some revealing underwear for your woman is a good place to start. However, this can be a very daunting task. If you make the fatal error of buying her something not suited to her particular body type, you may end […]

Posted by pornopeteOctober 19th, 2010

Safe Sext

In this day and age of constantly evolving technology, etiquette is something a few of us may need some help with. Here are some of our top tips on safe sexting: Don’t type what you can’t say Texting and email have made it easy for us to unleash our bold inner selves when we communicate. […]

Posted by pornopeteOctober 6th, 2010

Fighting Fire With Fire: Lessons In Cock Blocking

When it comes to picking up girls, timing is everything. Move too fast, and you run the risk of looking like a desperate loser. Take too long, and suddenly another guy comes around and scoops up your prey like a starved eagle. If faced with a cock block, there are certain measures you can take […]

Posted by pornopeteAugust 15th, 2010

Hawking Thinks we Better Get Into Outer Space.

Great news everyone! Stephen Hawking, aside from being one sexy man, is widely regarded in pop culture as the God of Science (I love contradiction) and he thinks we are pretty much fucked. He recently posted on a popular science themed website that the human race is angry, greedy and selfish and should colonize other […]