Posted by pornopeteFebruary 3rd, 2012

More In Then Out

What modern man or woman is looking at, reacting to, participating in, fuels the mind-only ache that our sex lives reflect presently. As we take more to porn then partners, would rather email sexual fantasies with our lover then enact them and think the pursuit of an ex and the memories we have about them […]

Posted by pornopeteFebruary 3rd, 2012

So, What DO We Get From Porn?

Beyond some eye-candy stimulation and something to masturbate to, maybe some new positions learned, really what do we get from porn? This has been the question every unsatisfied housewife has asked, arm-chair pop psychologists have set-up their practices or T.V. shows over and all of society has damned other factions of society over for years. […]

Posted by pornopeteJanuary 9th, 2012

Porn Inspired Blowjobs

People watch porn for all sorts of reasons, all of them generally having to do with getting off. But some people actually get something more out of porn; they do more than just masturbate while looking at the people doing unspeakable things to each other and actually learn some lessons that help them in their […]

Posted by pornopeteDecember 16th, 2011

The Great Escape

A lot of people always act like porn is a giant waste of time, especially in this day and age when the internet and mobile phones allow people to access porn anywhere at any time. The temptation is certainly there to spend your time watching porn, either via video or still pictures, entirely too much, […]

Posted by pornopeteSeptember 30th, 2011

Jacking off one handed

Even if you’re in a committed relationship you still might like to cruise the porn sites looking for jack of material. It isn’t a sin and there shouldn’t be any shame in surfing the net looking for something to masturbate to. So if you are in the market for some sexual release remember that surfing […]

Posted by pornopeteJuly 22nd, 2011

Clips, clips and more clips

It’s a simple fact of life that the more we are given the much more we’ll want. The net sees to this axiom ever day as more product and services are spun online for free or pirated, we can have pretty much whatever we had to pay for six months ago all but for free […]

Posted by pornopeteJune 30th, 2011

The Credits

When you come across a porn star that really does it for you be sure to check the credits. This way you can really get a great deal of enjoyment. You can be golden because you have logged on to their website and found a collection of virtually every feature they have made. Then you […]

Posted by pornopeteJune 30th, 2011


When you are single and looking it can often be difficult getting by without any sexual release. You can counter this pressure and let off some by using porn and the like. When you masturbate you can really help keep things on the level. There are some additional things you can do to really expand […]

Posted by pornopeteJune 7th, 2011

The Highlight Reel

Most women will probably never understand this, but sometimes men just want to jerk off. They are trying to distress or relax or get sleepy, so they want to just masturbate with no hassle and without having to worry about anyone else’s feelings or needs or orgasm. A lot of women tend to think that […]

Posted by pornopeteMay 27th, 2011

Youthful Stroking Techniques

Guys learning how to jack off is completely inevitable. It doesn’t matter what parents or churches say, when a pubescent guy’s dick starts getting hard, he is going to notice. It won’t take long before he figures out that touching it feels really, really good. Hopefully our culture will catch up to the physical reality […]