Posted by pornopeteFebruary 8th, 2012

Watch Your Back

Whenever you decide to go online to search for free sex, you will surely find something to satiate your needs in under an hour, but a smart person needs to assess the risks involved with meeting a stranger. There is an endless list of sordid activities you could get yourself involved in if you go […]

Posted by pornopeteJanuary 9th, 2012

Porn Star Fucking

When people watch porn stars go at it in their award-winning films, it can be rather exhausting watching them. That, of course, is part of the sexual appeal, what gets people so off about watching these porn stars. Watching them fuck relentlessly for an hour in every position imaginable is the entire point of the […]

Posted by pornopeteJanuary 5th, 2012

The Limit Is No Limit

The thing about porn that excites us so, beyond the fact that we are actually watching people with great bodies fuck like rabid rabbits, is that the sex is limitless. The men stay hard for insane amounts of time, the women seem to want every orifice filled and most sex scenes are a marathon of […]

Posted by pornopeteDecember 20th, 2011

Ditch The Feathers

Ladies tend to want to create a romantic, sexy bedroom, but they often don’t realize that what they find sexy is very different from what a guy will find sexy. Women sometimes think that sexy and romantic means pink and covered in marabou feathers. Ladies, learn this – very few guys appreciate the marabou. It’s […]

Posted by pornopeteDecember 12th, 2011

Phone Sex

One of the best tools one can use in a long distance relationship is phone Sex and video Sex. These two tools can be of immense use because they help ease the strain of not being able to get any adult action from one’s partner. A long distance relationship can work if both parties know […]

Posted by pornopeteNovember 10th, 2011

Free sex and swapping.

There is a subculture of people who like to swap their partners. They enjoy the freedom in their relationship to be able to essentially fuck anyone outside the relationship they please without any penalty for it. They say that they have a greater amount of trust in their relationship which allows for this. Some would […]

Posted by pornopeteOctober 27th, 2011

Spartan marriage and free sex

It is interesting to note that the gay lifestyle was promoted even in Spartan marriage. It is know for instance that it was tradition for a Spartan warrior once he had chosen a wife, to march into her home and take her as if he were snatching up a rape victim. The woman’s parents would […]

Posted by pornopeteOctober 22nd, 2011

Sex and fixing it

When you are in any kind of relationship you need to accept responsibility for that relationship in equal measure with that other person. You picked them for a reason and now you are stuck with them. You can of course dissolve the relationship and go elsewhere if you wish but there are consequences for that […]

Posted by pornopeteOctober 20th, 2011

Sex and threesomes

One of the fondest Sex fantasies of a guy is having a threesome with his girl and another girl. Men usually have the double standard that they want Sex with their girl and another girl but not their girl and another guy. You have to be ready to accept the possibility of this happening if […]

Posted by pornopeteOctober 14th, 2011


Though many believe the Amazon’s were among the many myth’s of ancient Greece, there is much to indicate that they were very real. They were supposedly to have come from the steppes of southern Russia, in what was called Scythia and Sarmatia. It is believed that in these tribes of horsemen men and women fought […]