Posted by pornopeteFebruary 15th, 2012

Ease Into Anal

A lot of women in relationships simply do not understand the appeal of anal sex. They can barely handle their man’s raging cock buried deep within their vagina, let alone imagine it plumbing the depths of their potentially dirty anus. The entire mental visual kind of totally appalls many women. And yet men are often […]

Posted by pornopeteJanuary 27th, 2012

A New Meaning To Junk In The Trunk

One popular category of sex videos involves any kind of anal play or anal sex. Anal sex is viewed as being very erotic and enticing, but also very taboo and dirty which is probably at least part of what makes it so appealing and interesting to people. Women are often not receptive to the idea […]

Posted by pornopeteDecember 4th, 2011

Taking It From Both Ends

People are naturally kind of skittish when it comes to their sexuality and how they use their bodies. Even these days, with so much smut available to them at all times on the internet for free, people have an innate shame about experiencing too much sexual joy. They are certainly getting better, though, at questioning […]

Posted by pornopeteAugust 18th, 2011

Anal Porn and Pleasure

Once upon a time, anal sex seemed like a relatively rare act. Sure it was known to homosexuals and the most adventurous and liberated sexual explorers but it was considered taboo, forbidden or just totally un thought of. There needed to be a trigger to make it enter into the popular cultural consciousness and more […]

Posted by pornopeteJuly 28th, 2011

Anal Sex Fun

People who enjoy anal sex come from all walks of life. Even straight men can enjoy anal play as contrary to the belief of some confused or closed minded people, it does not actually mean someone is gay. All men have a prostate gland in their asshole which is extremely pleasurable when it is stimulated […]

Posted by pornopeteJuly 18th, 2011

Learning from Porn

The adult media empire of today is without a doubt a reflection of the sexuality of the people who watch it. Porn is not created in a vacuum but arises from the desires and lusts of the people who watch it and make it. Though some argue that it has created a desire for certain […]

Posted by pornopeteJune 19th, 2011

She Wears The Cock

When women buy a strap-on dildo, they usually have a plan for using it. It’s not one of those items that people usually buy ‘just in case’. A lady buying a strap-on is usually buying with intention, and that’s a great thing. Wearing a strap-on can impart a pretty powerful feeling to a lot of […]

Posted by pornopeteJune 15th, 2011

Is Anal Really Bad?

One sex act that is still considered really taboo and dirty by a lot of people is anything to do with anal play or anal sex. There are a lot of women who embrace anal sex and have found that it is highly erotic. Some women can even have orgasms from anal stimulation. However, n […]

Posted by pornopeteMay 13th, 2011

Slave To Love

It might sound like a dream come true, but there are people out there, both male and female, who have relationships with people who voluntarily consider themselves to be sex slaves. Their main purpose in life is to find someone to serve so that they can provide sexual pleasure on demand and in whatever way […]

Posted by pornopeteMay 10th, 2011

Simple Steps To Tidy Anal Play

Anal sex and anal play is really enjoyable and gives a great orgasm for a lot of people, but sometimes people of both genders are hesitant to try it. Straight men are often nervous about feeling any sort of enjoyment from anal play, because they worry that it might have some sort of homosexual connotations. […]