Posted by pornopeteMay 8th, 2012

Fame and Fortune For Porn Stars

We have all heard at least one story about some seemingly normal individual who all of a sudden found fame and fortune courtesy of a reality television show, and of course via an online home made Adult video with some already established star that was inadvertently leaked to the media. Yeah, right, inadvertently indeed. Whatever […]

Posted by pornopeteApril 20th, 2012

Buckle Up

Today, we are all aware of the fact that we can go right onto the world wide web and watch any sort of Adult video that we would like to without any trouble, stress, or difficulty involved whatsoever. We can simply enter a few good and appropriate keywords and we will be taken directly to […]

Posted by pornopeteMarch 26th, 2012


You have to remember that when looking at porn arousal is in the eye of the beholder. What one guy or girl thinks is sexy when it comes to visual representations of sex another will not. It has nothing to do exactly with what acts are being replicated-though sometimes it is as simple as that […]

Posted by pornopeteMarch 15th, 2012

Decisions, Decisions

It was not so very long ago that the idea of being able to view an Adult video on an online sex site was something that most of us would have never even thought about for even a moment. Slowly but surely, we got used to the idea of the Internet, the idea of cell […]

Posted by pornopeteFebruary 8th, 2012

Even Realer

The first jump for adult video to seem more real to us, for it to become an intimate pursuit, for us all to be able to control how much of it we really saw and how we saw it was when VCRs first came into vogue and the personal video tape market exploded. Adult video […]

Posted by pornopeteJanuary 23rd, 2012

Exactly What Dr. Porn Ordered

The thing that the critics of porn will never understand is that if somebody wants to find/enjoy/even grow an addiction to porn they pretty much will any way they can. If all you have is a movie theatre showing the latest dirty movie you will go to that theater-as so many of us did back […]

Posted by pornopeteJanuary 16th, 2012

Time Management

Most of us spend a good portion of our lives being told that we should be more efficient, more organized, and find a way to get more done in the amount of time that we have allotted for certain things. As weary as we may tend to get at the thought of a lecture on […]

Posted by pornopeteJanuary 11th, 2012

She’s a Star

The Adult video industry has its cycles like any other business does. Individual tastes change, different things become quickly popular and then fade into the background to make way for some other new and exciting trend. When someone is a true star, however, their star power can transcend the changes and keep them bright and […]

Posted by pornopeteDecember 30th, 2011


We all know how easy it is to enjoy all of the Adult video sites that are available to us online. Whenever we choose to do so, we can go onto the world wide web and find more free sex and adult entertainment content then we could ever reasonably make use of. All it takes […]

Posted by pornopeteDecember 21st, 2011


Some days, regardless of how hard we may try, we just have a hard time getting any plan at all to come together in any sort of cohesive and practical way. Instead of becoming frustrated, irritated and enraged though, we can use these difficulties as a form of motivation if we give ourselves a fantastic […]