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Posted by pornopeteOctober 29th, 2011

Free sex and real intelligence

Real intelligence gathering is often a tedious business and has very little to do with Free sex double agents and daring shoot outs in the streets with hairs breadth escapes. Most of it is simply acquiring information and making sense of it. This is a lot of brain work, a lot of sitting in meetings […]

Posted by pornopeteOctober 26th, 2011

The Thrill of Outdoor Sex

There’s a certain type of person who enjoys fucking outside. It’s certainly not for everyone. A large majority of people don’t even feel comfortable naked with their lovers, let alone being watched by others, whether it’s someone they know or strangers. A sexual exhibitionist is a different type of person. They’re totally confident in themselves. […]

Posted by pornopeteOctober 15th, 2011

Sex In Beautiful Places

It would be wonderful if everyone could have sex in the incredible settings where adult videos are taped. The houses that are used are often quite beautiful with magnificent views. Private swimming pools appear to be isolated enough to have sex on the patio and in the hot tub and pool. Most people, even if […]

Posted by pornopeteOctober 14th, 2011


Though many believe the Amazon’s were among the many myth’s of ancient Greece, there is much to indicate that they were very real. They were supposedly to have come from the steppes of southern Russia, in what was called Scythia and Sarmatia. It is believed that in these tribes of horsemen men and women fought […]

Posted by pornopeteSeptember 29th, 2011

Sex and knights

The myth of the tall and Sex starved knight looking for his lady fair with romance in his heart and a hard cock in his armor was just that, a myth. At least most of it was. For starters knights were not that tall. They were actually somewhat short, and few were over six feet […]

Posted by pornopeteSeptember 21st, 2011

Sex and assassination

In any particular age if you were looking to assassinate a rival of some kind you could not do better than to use free Sex as a means of doing it. Whether your target preferred cock or pussy or both getting someone close to them that offered it, also offered you a relatively simple and […]

Posted by pornopeteMay 13th, 2011

Sexy Summer Camp For Adults

There are a lot of BDSM events all over the country every year, but the summertime is especially popular for kinky get-togethers. There are campgrounds all over the U.S. that are private and can be rented out, and kinky porn style summer camps are very popular at these places. They are usually anywhere from three […]

Posted by pornopeteMay 8th, 2011

Public Sex

Perhaps the idea of sex in a public place makes one penis grow flaccid or one’s pussy get dry and tighten up till it shuts. On the other hand, many people find public sex to be a deeply erotic experience. There are many ways this can be explored. Of course, some behaviors are illegal and […]

Posted by pornopeteMay 2nd, 2011

Sex On The Beach

For most of us most of the sex we experience happens between four walls, inside the privacy of one’s bedroom. Sexual activity in public is highly restricted which may be one reason that so many people have the fetish of exhibitionism, or sex while being watched, and voyeurism, which is watching others have sex. Some […]

Posted by pornopeteMarch 7th, 2011

Why Geeks Do it Better

Say the word geek and people get a certain image in their heads: It’s the skinny guy with a pocket protector and coke-bottle glasses. He is only interested in books and never gets a date.  He just sits at home alone in front of his computer surfing for free porn. The chosen look of a […]