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Posted by pornopeteApril 25th, 2012

The Dark Ages Of Sex For Women

Thank goodness for the big changes in people’s attitudes toward women and sex. These days porn stars are popular and people actually want to be like them. Young women are choosing to become strippers, entertainers and porn stars, and they’re making good money and using it as a stepping stone to bigger and better things. […]

Posted by pornopeteJanuary 24th, 2012

Sex Toys As Art

Sometimes porn flicks are the best way to check out new and interesting sex toys in use. A lot of companies that manufacturer sex toys, dildos, anal toys and vibrators will send their products to porn producers hoping that their toys may be featured in a video. Once the viewers see how much fun an […]

Posted by pornopeteDecember 1st, 2011

Sex Toys

When people are in a relationship they have a mutual responsibility to each other and their happiness. When they realize this and act accordingly they can live a very happy and healthy life. One of the things they can do is to be creative and honest with one another. If someone is in a relationship […]

Posted by pornopeteOctober 19th, 2011

Porn As Inspiration

One of the great things about watching porn is that it can give people a lot of ideas of new things to try when they’re in bed with their lover. A big part of being great in bed is being inventive and creative and surprising a partner with new sensations in order to make their […]

Posted by pornopeteJuly 26th, 2011

Vibrators: Out of Porn, Into Our Bedrooms

Most people do not realize it, but vibrators were not originally designed as sex toys but as a medical device. In those bad old days, many women did not have pleasurable or free sex lives, and they were frustrated by husbands and lovers who did not understand how to please them. Even worse, if a […]

Posted by pornopeteJuly 19th, 2011

Sex Toy Hygiene

Many of us enjoy sex toys today, both women and men. Vibrators have become a very common accessory, helping women have more pleasure and orgasms when alone or when with a favorite partner. There have been many advances in male toy as well, with all kinds of exciting masturbators which can be enjoyed while watching […]

Posted by pornopeteMay 7th, 2011

In Praise of Sex Toys

It’s unfortunate that a lot of otherwise sexually healthy men and women, who may have a good attitude towards a lot of sexual practices and viewpoints, have such a negative attitude towards sex toys. But the fact is that there really is no reason for anyone, man or woman, to be put off or intimidated […]

Posted by pornopeteMarch 24th, 2011

The Big O

Orgasm for men and women has been held in vastly different regard across time and culture. The Big O has been put through some interesting analysis and received its fair share of derision as well as championing. In some cultural contexts, orgasm has been seen as a cure-all, in others, it remains problematic. It is […]

Posted by pornopeteMarch 8th, 2011

Buy A New Dildo

There are some really amazing dildos and vibrators available for purchase nowadays – some very simple and some really high tech – all you have to do is boot up some free porn to see where technology has brought sex toys. No matter which people choose, the options are still endless and the dildos available […]

Posted by pornopeteFebruary 17th, 2011

Bigger, Newer, Faster

Advertising works wonders for our hungry consumer minds, as we are lead lemming-like by on-line ads, billboards and I-phone app widgets. It’s not enough in this day and age for us to think we know what we need; it’s best somebody else knows and can tell us! This overt consumer prompting though doesn’t work so […]