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Posted by pornopeteMay 7th, 2012

Monkey See, Monkey Do; Porn As A Sex Guide

Many of us remember the old concept of monkey see, monkey do that our parents used to frighten us when we were just young and impressionable children. The point that they were trying to get across was that only very stupid and dense individuals would just blindly copy something that they saw a lot of […]

Posted by pornopeteApril 20th, 2012

Come Over For What?

The internet has become quite the centerpiece of many people’s lives. We use it for so many things, but sexual shenanigans are without question one of the world wide web’s top draws. So much has changed over the past fifteen years in the sexual landscape, all of it good and all of it owing a […]

Posted by pornopeteApril 1st, 2012

One More Time

Those of us who are just a little bit older can remember a time when there was no movie, radio or television show that came with the ability for us to see something over again. Today we have all become so enamored of our fast forward and rewind buttons, as well as all of our […]

Posted by pornopeteFebruary 27th, 2012

Beautiful Moves

Dancing can be extremely sexy, and something that men love to watch women do. No matter what kind of dancing it is, there is something extremely sexy about watching women and how their bodies move. Women who really enjoy dancing get a look of joy on their faces as they abandon themselves to the music, […]

Posted by pornopeteFebruary 23rd, 2012

Familiar Territory

Part of the joy of sex is the huge element of surprise involved with new partners. You do not know how they are going to look naked and how they are going to be in bed. All you can do is imagine how they look undressed and if they are going to be fast and […]

Posted by pornopeteFebruary 22nd, 2012

Have Sex Where?

Sometimes the settings that they use in free sex videos are kind of unrealistic, even though they look really great and are really sexy. There are a lot of scenes in hot tubs on decks where neighbors or people driving would be able to see. There are scenes that are filmed outside in beautiful wooded […]

Posted by pornopeteFebruary 13th, 2012

Sex Maniacs

For many of us, if we have not had sex for quite a while, we tend to start to think a bit less about it. Yes, of course we will take care of what we need to take care of every so often when we need to take care of it, but we will not […]

Posted by pornopeteFebruary 8th, 2012

Even Realer

The first jump for adult video to seem more real to us, for it to become an intimate pursuit, for us all to be able to control how much of it we really saw and how we saw it was when VCRs first came into vogue and the personal video tape market exploded. Adult video […]

Posted by pornopeteJanuary 12th, 2012

Layout and Graphics

It’s not even funny how many free porn sites there are on the internet. At least hundreds, likely even thousands. There really is something for everyone. Every possible fetish is covered. But as many as there are, only certain ones rise to the top in terms of website traffic. Only certain ones get that whole […]

Posted by pornopeteJanuary 11th, 2012

She’s a Star

The Adult video industry has its cycles like any other business does. Individual tastes change, different things become quickly popular and then fade into the background to make way for some other new and exciting trend. When someone is a true star, however, their star power can transcend the changes and keep them bright and […]