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Posted by pornopeteFebruary 13th, 2012

Alt Gasms

A popular genre for porn, especially Asian porn, is movies about alternative sometimes controversial ways to achieve orgasm. There are a lot of people who can achieve orgasm by many different alternate means besides genital stimulation. Some people can bring themselves to orgasm once they achieve a meditative state of a certain level. Some people […]

Posted by pornopeteFebruary 9th, 2012

Open Invitation

Sex videos have been a fun little addition to our society in recent years. They pretty much were under the radar until celebrities got in on the act, flaunting their vibrant lovemaking for all the world to see. The fact that so many celebs only seemed to have their careers helped, rather than hurt, by […]

Posted by pornopeteJanuary 5th, 2012

The Limit Is No Limit

The thing about porn that excites us so, beyond the fact that we are actually watching people with great bodies fuck like rabid rabbits, is that the sex is limitless. The men stay hard for insane amounts of time, the women seem to want every orifice filled and most sex scenes are a marathon of […]

Posted by pornopeteJanuary 4th, 2012

Searching For Banging Gangs

As you casually view porn through the years, whether it is flipping through magazines, watching old school flicks or staring at the endless depraved scenes that come flying your way on the internet, one common scenario seems to jump out at you. Gang bangs seem to be incredibly popular in porn. There are always multiple […]

Posted by pornopeteDecember 13th, 2011

Porn Privacy

These days, with the explosion of sex all over the internet, there really is no reason whatsoever to pay for any of it. Yet many people still do. And not just in stores, paying for magazines or films, but on the internet, too. In fact, large numbers of people routinely whip out their credit card […]

Posted by pornopeteNovember 28th, 2011


A lot of things get shoved to the background in porn. The focus often becomes the fucking, sucking and ultimate cumshot. Which is all well and good, mind you. But there are so many aspects of a good sex life, and, thus, a good sex scene. Precum is one of those things that is often […]

Posted by pornopeteNovember 10th, 2011

Free sex and Orgies

A lot of people make jokes about all the Free sex available at an orgy but few are willing to actually do it. First of all a lot of people would be very shy about such a thing. The next thing would be if they were involved with someone. They might have trouble imagining that […]

Posted by pornopeteOctober 31st, 2011

Orgy Politely

If someone has never been to a sex party, swingers party or orgy before, it can seem pretty intimidating at first. Most people worry about making a mistake, looking stupid or being embarrassed, and nobody wants that to happen. People also usually worry that everyone else in the group will already know each other and […]

Posted by pornopeteOctober 20th, 2011

Sex and threesomes

One of the fondest Sex fantasies of a guy is having a threesome with his girl and another girl. Men usually have the double standard that they want Sex with their girl and another girl but not their girl and another guy. You have to be ready to accept the possibility of this happening if […]

Posted by pornopeteSeptember 23rd, 2011

Sex and the oracles

If you wanted to receive wisdom from the temples in some religions in the ancient world it was necessary to help your cause along by having Sex with the priestesses. Some of these were little more than whores with the trappings of religion surrounding them. Having Sex wasn’t always required but it did guarantee that […]