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Posted by pornopeteMay 14th, 2012

Women Like Porn Too!

If a man finds a woman who really enjoys watching porn and is very into watching it with him in order to make their sex life hotter and more exciting, he should be hang onto her because she is a hot commodity. A lot of ladies either don’t enjoy watching porn movies or they just […]

Posted by pornopeteApril 12th, 2012

Sex and Basic Chemistry

It isn’t enough that someone is just good looking but sadly it all too often is the only thing thought of. People sometimes look to have Sex with someone just because they are good looking. In truth it doesn’t matter because the Sex could be bad. You could end up fucking someone who doesn’t really […]

Posted by pornopeteApril 3rd, 2012

Sex Illusions

Some people who take on the career of a stage magician will find that it brings with it a tremendous amount of Sex appeal. This Sex appeal is even more potent if they are charming and good looking. Most typically it is a strong combination of looking good and dressing very classy along with the […]

Posted by pornopeteMarch 30th, 2012

Driving Forces

We all have different forces in our lives that drive our decisions, our priorities, our preferences, and the events of our daily lives. As none of us are created to be exactly the same as anyone else, we can count on the fact that we will all have different needs, desires, and of course different […]

Posted by pornopeteFebruary 26th, 2012

Making Time For Sex

Watching sex videos and unwinding with a special someone, a bottle of wine and plenty of time to fool around is a great way to relax and de-stress after a long week of work and daily responsibilities. A lot of couples don’t have time for this type of extended time together though and need to […]

Posted by pornopeteFebruary 25th, 2012

Love In An Elevator – A Nice Fantasy

Porn flicks show people having sex in settings that would be a lot of fun, but for the average person is probably relatively impossible to pull off. It’s a shame though, because it sure looks like fun. Sex in an elevator is a great example. Shown in mainstream movies even more than porn, it would […]

Posted by pornopeteFebruary 24th, 2012

Nightclub Nights

When a guy is looking for a date or to meet women or even to find some free sex and have a one night stand, going to a nightclub is rarely the right way to go. It can be kind of boring for a single guy because it’s difficult to talk to women in a […]

Posted by pornopeteFebruary 24th, 2012

Promoting Passion

Couples that want to have a long lasting relationship have to be willing to put some effort into keeping the relationship interesting and keeping their connection strong. Showing each other love every day, remember why we fell in love in the first place and keeping the passion alive is extremely important in making a relationship […]

Posted by pornopeteFebruary 9th, 2012

Open Invitation

Sex videos have been a fun little addition to our society in recent years. They pretty much were under the radar until celebrities got in on the act, flaunting their vibrant lovemaking for all the world to see. The fact that so many celebs only seemed to have their careers helped, rather than hurt, by […]

Posted by pornopeteJanuary 23rd, 2012

Exactly What Dr. Porn Ordered

The thing that the critics of porn will never understand is that if somebody wants to find/enjoy/even grow an addiction to porn they pretty much will any way they can. If all you have is a movie theatre showing the latest dirty movie you will go to that theater-as so many of us did back […]