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Posted by pornopeteMay 28th, 2011

Respectful Sensual Massage

Sensual massage is just what its name implies; it is meant to arouse the senses. Touch, scent, room temperature, the feeling of the massage table and more all come together to create an ideal experience. It is important for a massage therapist to respect the boundaries of the client in terms of approaching the private […]

Posted by pornopeteMarch 5th, 2011

Sex Classes

More and more it seems like there are classes becoming available to teach people how to be better lovers. There are blow job classes for women, to teach them how to really appreciate and adore their man’¬ís cock and give him the most pleasure possible. There are various classes for men that help them improve […]

Posted by pornopeteNovember 15th, 2010

Cheeky Butt Fucking

Some might view this as an enviable problem, but what do you do when your dick is too big for your girlfriend’s ass? If you are lucky enough to find a girlfriend who enjoys the sensation of anal sex and is willing to let you stick it up there, that certainly makes it easier. For […]

Posted by pornopeteNovember 4th, 2010

Give her the Perfect Massage

So you’d like to give your woman a relaxing massage. Get some tea lights, towels and massage oil out; have her take a nice warm bath or shower and get ready because you’re going to ease her sore muscles into ecstasy. Here are some tips on what to focus on as you cover each area. […]

Posted by pornopeteAugust 14th, 2010

The Key To Reaching Your Own Sexual Nirvana.

The term “massage” is often whispered when sex is discussed – however it’s normally considered a prelude to sex rather than an experience than can transform your sex life into a veritable Nivana. This is a grossly unfair stereotype that we’re interested in changing. If you’d like your bedroom to smell like teen spirit once […]