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Posted by pornopeteMay 10th, 2012

Shut Up And Relax!

For most of us who enjoy Porn in any shape or form, we like to cut right to the chase and get to the visual representations of our favorite things as soon as possible. For some people though, the idea of talking with other people about Sex and porn can be almost as exciting as […]

Posted by pornopeteApril 27th, 2012

Light The Spark

If sex is starting to feel a little mundane or ordinary, why not try a new sex position to spice things up? It isn’t hard to find new ideas. There are a wide variety of books on the subject, available from Amazon or any local bookstore, independent or chain. Watching sex videos can provide some […]

Posted by pornopeteApril 17th, 2012

Socially Sexual

When we think of the internet and all its incredible ways to bring us free sex, we usually focus on all of the naughty sites on there that cater to such carnal needs. And there certainly are plenty of them. Every possible body type, age and sexual interest has its place in the online world. […]

Posted by pornopeteSeptember 27th, 2011

Free Sex and Colonialism

It has become the established school of thought in academia to eschew and deplore colonialism. Colonialism is when a culture of superior technology moves in to an area controlled by one of inferior technology and attempts to colonize. They build a small settlement with the intent to grow and culturally command the area and essentially […]

Posted by pornopeteSeptember 25th, 2011

Sex in Fantasy novels

The whole appeal of a fantasy novel is magic, and fantastical races and creatures that populate the world. There are several different genres of fantasy but the one people most associate fantasy with is the high fantasy genre. In the genre the story is typically about the very epic struggle between a smaller underdog force […]

Posted by pornopeteSeptember 23rd, 2011

Sex and castles

It was better to have the gates of a castle opened by treachery or better still a surrender than to have to lay siege to a castle. For that reason Sex and money were very useful tools in turning this tide. Laying siege was an expensive endeavor in money, time, manpower, but mostly money. Most […]

Posted by pornopeteSeptember 16th, 2011

Sex and Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc was only around seventeen to nineteen years old when she came on to the scene of the Hundred Years War between her home country of France and the enemy, the English army. It was said of her that she claimed to see visions and hear voices and while some say it was […]

Posted by pornopeteSeptember 13th, 2011

Sex and female knights

It’s interesting to note that buried deep within the dusty pages of medieval history there are female knights. The interest in such a subject first came to light when historians noted the feminine form of masculine words denoting knighthood, for instance Chevaleresse. It was then discovered that there were in fact female knights, and not […]

Posted by pornopeteAugust 16th, 2011

Pure Shit

Yoga, Shit and Porn don’t seem like a combination that would entice anyone. But one woman found that out the hard way that they combination is real. While using a porta john a woman started to hear noises. She ran from the bathroom for help. Before authorities could arrive a man covered in human waste […]

Posted by pornopeteJuly 5th, 2011

What’s Exotic

Whether you are interested in different niches, genres, locales or just foreign adult videos the result is all the same, getting off. Some people call these out of the ordinary porn desires exotic but that is a relative term. Exotic Porn is defined differently a each persons personal preference. Some people consider Porn from different […]