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Posted by pornopeteMarch 29th, 2011

Friends With Benefits

The world is full of sexually transmitted diseases and some of them are pretty scary. But a vast majority of men will tell you that condoms are just not fun to use; they decrease sensitivity and it throws them off their game to have to stop to wrap their cocks in the middle of getting […]

Posted by pornopeteMarch 8th, 2011

Cute Names For Dangerous Activities

The terms creampie and barebacking seem to be getting tossed around quite a bit lately, and it’s a little bit disconcerting for people who try to encourage safe sex practices among their peers. Creampie and barebacking are both sex acts that involve people intentionally having sex without a condom. Barebacking just refers to the act […]

Posted by pornopeteJanuary 29th, 2011

Five Stupendous Places to Have Sex…and the Not So Stupendous Consequences

Fucking in strange places is one of the things that makes life worth living. Even if you’re banging her missionary styles, you still feel like you’re in a porn. But hey man, did you know there can be some ridiculously terrifying consequences to fucking her in places other than your bedroom? Yes, yes, there can […]

Posted by pornopeteJanuary 18th, 2011

Luxury Condoms

I like my condoms just as much as the next man, but luxury condoms? That’ s just stupid. Yes, choice in condoms is incredibly important. I have my own preferred kind, size and brand, and so do most of my buddies – hell, the wrong condom can threaten my erection even when I’m about to […]

Posted by pornopeteDecember 3rd, 2010

A Brief History Lesson On The Condom

Condoms are not exactly a modern-day invention. In fact, they are thought to be one of the oldest methods of contraception in history, with traces going all the way back to Ancient Egypt. Here, we’ll outline the history of the condom. Though not as thrilling as free porn, it is most certainly interesting. 1000 BC […]

Posted by pornopeteNovember 24th, 2010

Putting On The Ritz On Your Putz

The sex industry stands for many different things. One thing is most certainly doesn’t represent however, is luxury. Most recently, the founders of the Original Condom Company – H.R.H. Prince Charles Emnnanuel de Bourbon-Parme and Count Gil de Bizemont – introduced a new line of luxury condoms that come packaged in ultra-fancy cases resembling those […]