A Big Fat Fetish

While most of us are constantly trying to lose weight, these broads are trying to gain! It’s all part of their Big Fat Fetish for more rolls, more dimples, and more digits on the scale.

When you think of a sexual fetish, you usually think about a foot fetish,  a lesbian fetish, or some sort of ass fetish. Rarely would you picture a fat fetish! It just doesn’t seem like the kind of thing that men would be interested in but these girls will whole heartedly disagree.

Just to fill ya’ll in on what exactly a fat fetish is; it’s not only men who like to fuck fat chicks, but they also like to watch them eat (and even get turned on by it) and they also like to be squished by them. So basically, the fat chick climbs on top of the dude and basically suffocates them. OUCH!

My Big Fat Fetish is a new show about big women who are happy with their plus sized weight and some who want to get even fitter. Apparently there has been an increase in popularity with BBW’s online and in magazines and there are literally millions of men who admire them, and get this, they are willing to pay to watch their fat ass eat! Yes, you heard right!

My Big Fat Fetish follows the lives of four big models and explores the relationship they have with their bodies, food, their fans, and ultimately what in the hell motivates them to live this kind of lifestyle.

Reenaye has exclusively been a fat model for the past 8 years, but she has recently retired and now runs a gaining website and recruits women to model online.

Then there is Lizzie, who is one of Reenaye’s models.

Kitt is 21 years old and felt completely sexless growing up. The only thing that had to do with sex that she really admired was beautiful women with curves. Now she models in magazines and runs her own subscription website where men pay to watch her eating. SMH. Kitt’s boyfriend is one of these freaks who enjoys watching women eat (no offense dude). He regularly feeds her and rubs her belly, FYI.

The one time “queen” of the gaining world is now too heavy to pretty much do anything but care for her son. She can’t even use her big old thighs to walk.  Sounds like a pretty good life to me…NOT! She still, however, performs “squashings” for customers. And for those who don’t know what that means, it’s when Patty sits and bounces on top of them. That’s enough to get somebody killed!

If My Big Fat Fetish is sure something that only some people would like, but if it seems intriguing then go ahead and give it a shot. One must explore their sexual desires in life, whether or not they think its “normal”. Plus, it would be a lot worse. There are all sorts of fucked up fetishes out there and a fat fetish isn’t one of them.

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