Searching For Sex Is Not Taboo

It seems as though sex and free porn are the two most popular topics for internet searches pretty much around the world, at least in countries where such topics are allowed. In many European countries, the US is considered to have rather puritanical attitudes about sex and nudity, and the US probably leads the rest of the world in the number of searches for sex and porn. Many people love porn, most people are intrigued by sex, sexuality and sexual topics and even the people who hate porn and would like to see sex restricted to marriage between two heterosexual people will do internet searches for porn and sex in order to find ammunition to use in their fight to do away with pornography and control the sex lives of other people. At least that’s why they say they’re searching for these things – it’s entirely possible that they’re looking at porn for their own personal pleasure and using the whole know thine enemy as a highly plausible excuse. It wouldn’t be the first time someone turned out to be enjoying themselves in that way.


It really is human nature to enjoy sexuality and to be physically aroused by the things that turn us on. This isn’t something people should be ashamed of because it really is out of our control. Our bodies are biologically programmed to enjoy sex and to have sexual feelings and physical responses to sexual stimuli and to people that we find attractive. When we see something or someone that turns us on, our body has a sexual response. We can’t control that response, and to try to train our bodies to not respond to what naturally arouses us is very unhealthy for us emotionally and mentally. In order for us to have healthy, happy lives, we all need to learn to embrace our sexuality and not be afraid of it. We’re just doing what comes naturally. Being at peace with that is healthy.

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