Choices And Options

Unless we have been living under a nice moss covered rock for the past few decades, we all realize that there are more options available to us than we could ever hope to explore out there on the vast expanse of the world wide web. Whether we are looking for some hot new sex sites, some fantastic new porn, or a sex tape made by our favorite bisexual woman, Tila Tequila, we all know that all we have to do is to log in and enter a few keywords to be quickly and efficiently pointed in whatever direction we wish to go.


What we do have to make an effort to keep in mind however, is the fact that we do not have to pigeon hole ourselves, and that we all have the freedom to make whatever choices we wish, or certainly not to choose at all. It seems that our society as a whole just loves to spend a great deal of time figuring out where people go, how they fit and what category they fall into. It is easy to admire someone like Tila, who is willing to simply go where her emotions and her attraction take her without regard for all of those predetermined categories such as straight, lesbian, and bisexual that other people seem to be so overly concerned with. All that we succeed in accomplish when we put people into categories is to give ourselves a false sense of order, as we determine in our own minds where people belong. This makes it easier for us to determine our expectations as to their behavior, conventions, likes and dislikes.


Nothing could be a bigger waste of time. Not only is it none of our business what people like or who they sleep with, the idea that every member of a certain group will always behave in a certain way is just complete and utter foolishness. It is far better to spend our time celebrating our differences rather than categorizing them.

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