When Personal Videos Become Public

Sex videos are all over the internet. Porn stars have them. Celebrities have them. Even amateurs have them. They have become a new way to memorialize our behavior and essentially, confirm our existence in a world where many feel unheard and unimportant. What happens, though, when one of these private sex tapes gets purposefully released without our permission?


We would probably go through the many phases of grief until we came to a state of acceptance. It’s impossible to do much of anything once this kind of cat is let out of the bag. There are the feelings of embarrassment and vulnerability. Logically, there is anger and denial. But ultimately, there is a futile acquiescence to the reality of the situation.

It’s not unreasonable to state that sexual intercourse is one of the most intimate experiences that two people can share. It takes an epic amount of trust to allow that moment to be preserved by recording it. To then release that footage is such an incredible violation of that bond. Granted, some people like to maintain plausible deniability about a sex tape while still secretly enjoying their new found 15 minutes of fame. Others, however, are not quite as jazzed.

Admittedly, filming a sex act with a willing partner can be an astonishingly arousing experience. Watching each other fuck can lead to so many different sexual possibilities. It is a fantasy that many of us share. But unleashing that closeness for the world to view is rather despicable.


The thrust of the problem is this: there is a great deal of people who don’t have the experience, the foresight, or the judgment to safeguard themselves against this scenario. Mainly because they are too young and too fragile. So the next time we are asked to participate in a sex video by our partner, we need to really take time to deliberate over our answer. Is this someone you believe in, or is this someone you believe would sell you out?

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