Sometimes A Little Is Just Enough

Yes we can get too much sex and yes we can watch too much of it too. After a time even the most fantastic body on our most fantabulous lover, writhing in orgasmic glory over, under, around, because of or with our own orgasmic recoil will get rote. Not so much that we won’t want to return again to our skillful oh-so-giving lover again, but enough that we’ll need a break.


If this is true of our sex life-and it is, we just have to admit it-then you can damn well be assured it is true when we watch our free porn videos. Sometimes we can muted to reality, we get chafed with all our masturbation and our eyes will become cross-eyes staring at our laptop screens or squinting down at our smart phones. Sometimes a little is even too much. Sometimes we have to push back from the table and give our peepers a rest from the porn.

But it is so attractive and addictive, isn’t it? It comes at us so fast free and fun. It is so easy to take to, requires no conversation and even if we watch those dirty movies with a lover, they are just perfect for compartmentalizing what we see and using it how we wish even in throes of those great orgasmic times with that fantabulous lover. It is no wonder we take to free porn videos like we do, as often as we do…we’d be searching for them, thinking about them, doing all we could to view them even if they weren’t free, but now that they mostly are, we are having at them all the time.


We don’t see the detrimental effects because they are incremental and sometimes not as terrific as critics of porn would have us believe. But free porn videos are pervasive, slide in under the door or our notice and sometimes, just for a little bit, we might turn away from the fuck film and find stimulation from another quarter.

Just for a little bit.

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