Plans and Schemes…NOT NEEDED!


Many of us can remember in great detail some of our early clumsy and awkward attempts at getting our little adolescent hands on some good porn or adult materials to check out. The endeavor may have required us to plan a clever scheme so that we would not be caught or found out as we eagerly thumbed through the pages of a men’s magazine in our dark, dank basement or had a film screening in the dark, dank basement of one of our little equally horny and clever friends. Well today we are all grown up and when we want to view some good adult entertainment materials, we need look no further than the world wide web and all of the Free porn sites that simply abound online these days for our entertainment.


When we were horny teenagers, we never stopped thinking about ways to get our hands on a magazine containing naked people. Whether we had to dip into our fathers stash in the basement when no one was home, or try to find someone older to buy us a copy at our local newsstand, we were always mentally working out ways that could get us and a men’s magazines in the same place, at the same time, and of course all alone. We would wait and wait for our friends’ family to go out for the day so that we could take a shot at using the old projector in the basement to try to watch and old stag film.


Today, there is no such planning, plotting and desperation involved in availing ourselves of all of the amazing options that exist online for free porn and sex sites. We can simply turn on our personal computers, enter a few good search keywords, and then sit, back, relax and just enjoy ourselves. These days, it is a very simple and straight forward plan indeed.

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