These Are The Times

Sometimes free sex indeed comes to us a little too free and easy. Before we know it we have traveled across a few well-populated websites, hit a club or two and have procured more than a few partners. The sex is smokin’, the times a rockin’ and we are jumping from bed to bed with not a care in the world. These are the time we will come back to in our memories when we are stuck in fallow months with nobody to get warm with or when we have agreed to what we at first feel is the right move into a monogamous relationship.

These are the times, for sure.

flirting skills

They say youth is wasted on the young, free sex is often wasted too, and it doesn’t need to necessarily fall into our lap when we are in our twenties. Sure, it is all a hell of a lot easier being a playa or a slightly naughty girl when you are not building your business reputation or looking to start a family, but free sex can come to all of us into single dating…and even to those of us married, though stepping out on a significant other opens us up to a whole world of dramas we might not think so worth it!

single dating

It is more a state of mind that puts us in line for the wild times that we might find with free sex making us feel so fine. It’s the serendipitous placement of being single, maybe having a few extra bucks in hand, coming into our own, falling into the right social circles online or off, and maybe honing flirting skills to the point that we can procure exactly what it is we want in the way we want it. Not all the times in our life will be pristine for free sex but there will come those few brief magnesium bright moments when all things will fall into place-if we wish them to-and free sex will happen for a finite amount of time we will come to consider again and again in our memory.

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