If You’re Happy and You Know It, Clap Your Hands!

It is a sad but true thing but there really are a lot of people these days who approach sex as something that is not a good or healthy thing. They think they should be guilty about looking at free porn movies, even thinking about sex as much as they do. There is absolutely nothing wrong with looking at adult videos online or off and masturbating to what you are looking at, even it is a partner masturbating! Masturbation and sex is a good thing and there is nothing wrong with enjoying it – along as the person or people involved are consensual and that no one gets harmed emotionally or physically.

masturbation and sex

Beyond that anything goes.

What we also need to keep in mind is that there is a very big difference between having a sexual fantasy and acting it out – a lot of people have many sexual or erotic fantasies that they really have no intention of acting our or really doing in their life. Sometimes things are just better as a dream and not as something real.

But the bottom line is that sex and masturbation are natural and fun things for people to do – either with other people or by themselves and there is nothing wrong with a lot of the activities you will see online to get you to masturbate…from chat, to camming with a friend to watching those free porn movies. The trick is to be open and honest with what you want and how you feel about your sexuality and have fun with it, laugh over the natural foibles we all have, enjoy our differences and indulge a kink

sexual fantasy

We are supposed to be emboldened by what we desire and happy when we find partners who can share in our desires or at the very least bolstered by watching the depiction of those needs.

Sex has got to be fun or why else thinking about, doing or watching it?

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