Fast, Hot and Hard

An enticing thing to a lot of men and women alike is having a quick sexual encounter that is really hot and exciting, but happens without a lot of fanfare, foreplay, romance or cuddling – just really hot, wild, exciting, world-rocking sex. A lot of people seem to think that this is a difficult thing to find or something that they’ll only ever see in an adult video. Often they assume that this is because that some sort of caring or a slow approach needs to be part of sex each time they have it…especially with the spouse of their steady partner.

fuck buddy

While there are some women who may not be interested in this type of sexual encounter, even with a trusted significant other or fuck buddy, there are plenty in the world who find this idea very interesting and arousing. They may be more interested in doing this with a trusted partner than a complete stranger of course, but they don’t rule this out altogether.

Hetero guys often do like a quickie with their woman, or at least profess they do when pushed about an encounter that would seem like those on an adult video or the kind they watch in straight porn

straight porn

But men and women both know that the sex they will manage will never be the the kind of sex they see on adult videos, that even what they might fantasize about usually doesn’t come to pass and if they do make some sort of a adult video/kinky scenario idea into their reality-like the fast, hard and hot encounter that’s only for getting one another off-then it will be drastically different then what they have ever seen, dreamed or maybe even wanted.

This is not to say though that the fast, hot and hard can’t be a hell of a lot of fun!

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