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If sex is starting to feel a little mundane or ordinary, why not try a new sex position to spice things up? It isn’t hard to find new ideas. There are a wide variety of books on the subject, available from Amazon or any local bookstore, independent or chain.

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Watching sex videos can provide some interesting ideas for new positions and even sometimes new techniques that might be fun to try. While there are plenty of books available on the subject of sex positions and improving ones sex life, the Kama Sutra is, of course, the most well known book title on the subject of sex and sex positions since it’s been around for hundreds and hundreds of years, but there are many other books available as well. There are sex positions guides on the internet, some even have animated examples of how they work. Many sex position guides, whether books or websites, will explain in detail how that position will stimulate both people.

the kama sutra

Knowing how the position will stimulate the woman is pretty important because if she seems resistant to trying something new, it’s easy to explain to her that part of the reason is that this position will enhance her stimulation and orgasm and tell her how and why it will be good for her. She’ll realize that this isn’t just a whim and that her pleasure was an important part of the equation, which will make her feel good and probably make her much more receptive to experimenting. There are websites devoted to listing the top positions that will help to enhance the female orgasm which would be beneficial to both partners. Try showing her some of these websites and have her help pick out the position to try first. Getting the lady’s buy-in for this project is crucial, of course, so helping her to realize how it will benefit her is of the utmost importance and will make the project much more successful.

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