The Dark Ages Of Sex For Women


Thank goodness for the big changes in people’s attitudes toward women and sex. These days porn stars are popular and people actually want to be like them. Young women are choosing to become strippers, entertainers and porn stars, and they’re making good money and using it as a stepping stone to bigger and better things. While the old guard of conservatives may look down on them for their choices, most of society doesn’t see a problem with it. Women are getting less and less concerned with what people think of them and they’re living their lives for themselves without worry.

Women and porn

Women are also a lot less interested in adhering to the rules of the sexual double standard that has been inflicted on them for years. Gone are the days when women are worried about being classified as a slut. In the early 1900’s, women in some places weren’t even able to have alcoholic beverages unless they were in the company of only other women. Throughout modern history, women have been held back and limited in what they could do in their lives. In ancient history in some cultures, women had a lot more freedom, had more choices and had the ability to have an enjoyable sex life. This was actually better than women had it in the past 200 years or so. In recent history, women were not raised to be comfortable with their sexuality. They were taught that porn is bad and degrading toward women. They were taught that they should have as few partners as possible. They were taught that having an interest in anything kinky was bad and was a negative reflection on their worth and value as a woman. They were told they should just close their eyes, do their duty and hope it was over quickly. Luckily those days are gone now and hopefully for good. Women know their own anatomy and know that they can enjoy sex, and they’re not willing to go back to the dark ages of women’s sexuality.

women and sex

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