Post Haste

It is no secret these days that all of the social networking and interactive sites on the world wide web give us the opportunity to share as much as we would like to about our lives. When it comes to posting sex videos on the free sites however, there are a few ramifications that we have to consider before we go on ahead and plaster our naked selves up on a Free porn site for all of the world to see.

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First, we must stop and think about our jobs. If we are in a profession where doing something like that could get us immediately fired, we would most likely conclude that it is really not worth it. If we are in a line of work where it may or may not be a problem, we still want to be aware of the fact that many people may lost their desire to work with us as a result of our directorial and acting debut buck naked. There are still some people in this world that believe that our personal lives should remain private, believe it or not.

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Next, we must consider the fact that once we post this amateur porn tour de force of ours, that it will be accessible to anyone and everyone for all eternity. We will not be able to pull it back when we have cute little impressionable children, not will we be able to prevent access to it when we make that bid for public office that we have been dreaming about. Once it is out there, it is out there forever for better or worse. Lastly, we have to consider if we really have the ability to be that open with our personal lives. There is a difference between sharing every thought, feeling and whim that we experience on a social networking site and showing everyone our family jewels in all of their unclothed glory.

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