Come Over For What?

The internet has become quite the centerpiece of many people’s lives. We use it for so many things, but sexual shenanigans are without question one of the world wide web’s top draws. So much has changed over the past fifteen years in the sexual landscape, all of it good and all of it owing a huge debt to the internet. The porn that began as a trickle onto people’s computer screens in the early internet days quickly developed into a torrent. Folks increasingly were not only admiring the explicit porn images, but were simultaneously letting their guard down and opening themselves up to greater sexual experimentation. But a funny thing happened on the way to some people’s bedrooms: some will invite you over merely to watch porn and get yourself off. There really is no interest in human contact between the two of you; it is all about the porn.


In a world where sexual hookups are now totally commonplace, the idea of inviting a horny stranger over simply to enjoy some porn with you is a tad odd, no? The fact is that porn has become a giant crutch in some people’s lives. They are obsessed more with the porn than with actually enjoying another human’s body. With a real live human sitting next to them on their bed, these folks would rather watch actors on their television or laptop instead of reaching over to satisfy you. Sure, one could argue that at least you are in the same room naked with another person and being stimulated by a masturbation session, but the bottom line is that porn is interfering with these people’s sexual lives.


Most horny people online are not going to travel very far to engage in hookups that merely involve watching porn. They want real physical action: deep kissing, deep intercourse, not keeping each other at a distance. Porn is meant to turn you on, but not at the expense of actually having sexual relations with others.


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