Barely Covered

It is always amusing analyzing the differences in sexuality among the masses. What one person sees as horribly offensive is not even on another person’s radar as they walk past it. Meanwhile, the more prudish are practically on the verge of fainting over some XXX scenarios that occasionally work their way into their orbit. It certainly is harder and harder these days to avert one’s eyes from all the free porn that regularly pops up all around us on a daily basis. And for those more prudish types that we spoke about, even something as common as underwear boxes in department stores is reason to summon a fainting couch.

Free porn

Underwear advertising has always been somewhat provocative. The product they are selling is something that covers the genitals of men and women, so its very essence is hard to cover up. But things have definitely gotten progressively more explicit over the past twenty years or so, both the ads and images along with the underwear itself. Men’s underwear is particularly problematic when it comes to resembling free porn. Forty years ago, men simply wore boxer shorts or boring and unflattering tighty whiteys. There was nothing remotely exotic or sexually appealing about them; they were purely utilitarian. That has definitely changed over the years.


To look at a box of underwear in a store today easily makes people uncomfortable. Extreme close-ups of men’s bulges adorn the boxes. The vivid outlines of penises are clearly visible, complete with the penis head, which they used to do a much better job of covering up. Not any more. A lot of underwear is extremely skimpy, too, not leaving much to the imagination in terms of penis size. Also, some of the skimpiest underwear shows much more pubic hair than ever before seen in a family store. Yes, a lot of this totally resembles free porn. It is easy to understand why some people are now loitering in the underwear section much longer than they need to be.

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