Sling Happy

Porn exists for so many delightfully naughty reasons. On the surface, it is there to get us in the mood, to act as foreplay, to whet our appetites while wetting our crotches. But porn also serves as an incredible instructional aid for sex. It can truly inspire us to sample some wild things that we see on screen that we never imagined we would actually do in our own predictable little sex lives. But more and more as the internet breaks down barriers, people are opening up their minds to at least trying some things once to see how they like it and to say that they did it. When they are old and gray, they can look back on their young sex lives with no regret. That is the idea that is permeating our society more by the day. You only live once, so have some hot sex, dammit. Slings are one of the things that porn vividly demonstrates and quietly encourages. They are easy to set up, and a lot of fun to use.


A sling is not something that you want displayed in your living room when friends come over. It should be in your bedroom, if not hidden away entirely somewhere. Not everyone is so open-minded these days, and sex still remains something that a lot of people want to keep relatively private, despite how sexualized our society has become. Slings are a big part of the bondage scene and represent a hot dominant vs. submissive dynamic. Porn is fantastic at showing the sexual freedom that slings bring. They definitely add something very titillating to your sex life. They can be a tad costly, but the long-term benefits are worth it.


Slings in porn can easily translate to people buying slings in real life. Sex is so much more interesting when in a sling. The control, both physical and mental, is top notch. Porn should never be underestimated in the joy it can bring to one’s life.

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