Sex and Basic Chemistry

It isn’t enough that someone is just good looking but sadly it all too often is the only thing thought of. People sometimes look to have Sex with someone just because they are good looking. In truth it doesn’t matter because the Sex could be bad. You could end up fucking someone who doesn’t really have any chemistry with you and doesn’t respond well to communication.


Sometimes you end up with someone that just lays there and you don’t know whether they are enjoying what your doing or not. This then is a clear indicator that there isn’t any chemistry at all. In order for you to truly have a good time you want to be someone that understands you and communicates well with you. If you can find a match is able to pick up on non verbal cues then you’ve got a great thing going. Chances are in that situation your going to have some adult dating action of the kind you crave. If you find yourself with someone that’s not really doing it then you shouldn’t go all the way. You’d be better off with porn instead of them.


Sometimes a person might be lacking in the looks department but if there is chemistry it will more than make up for it. The truth is you’d rather be with someone that knows how to suck your cock just the way you like it rather than being with a model that doesn’t move or say anything at all. So take the time and the patience to find someone that’s right for you and in the end the rewards will be everything and more that you imagined. Don’t be one of those who makes the mistake of going for something so shallow as just looks alone. You’ll be seen as a shallow person yourself and this won’t help your reputation at all.

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