Woman On Top


Sex is just an incredible thing for those who know how to do it right. Many people sadly go to their death without truly experiencing mindblowing sex. Generally, the reason is because they are incredibly repressed and afraid to take chances in the bedroom. This includes being afraid to speak up and suggest a potentially better way to do things that would result in more explosive orgasms. For those who are eager to break out of a rut and more fully explore the endless sexual positions and habits out there, porn is a great motivator. Either in a magazine or video, porn shows us things that we sometimes never thought of doing ourselves. It also shows people having one hell of a good time while fucking, which is something too few people experience. Women, in particular, need porn to show their men what works best for them, and that often is being on top while straddling their man. Luckily, the woman on top position works wonders for men, too.


Porn is all about the visual, and few visuals are more enticing to men than having a full frontal view of their women while the women take the full furious length of their cocks. Men get to see every inch of their precious penis infiltrate their woman’s vagina and watch her facial expressions, as well. As if that were not enough, the bouncing breasts in front of their face only heighten the arousal. Meanwhile, this position totally works for women in a few ways. It just feels better for them in such a position. They are the ones controlling the flow of the action so as to limit their pain, while such a position also gives them a feeling of power and dominance which can be rare in a male-female union. Porn is not just about stimulating, but teaching its viewers some new tricks. If men want to keep their women happy, they would do well with the woman on top position.

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