Loose Strings

Ever since the internet exploded onto the scene some fifteen years ago, everyone’s sexual lives have been radically altered. Sexual needs and fetishes that long simmered under the surface exploded into mainstream culture, rendering a lot of people a lot more sexually liberated than they ever had been before. Nowadays, if you need to get laid, you do not have to waste your time and money hanging around at the local watering hole waiting for desperate people at last call. Instead, you just log onto the internet, find your way to a frisky free sex site and let your fingers start moving into action. Free sex is out there now for anyone who needs it, but sometimes people still want to attach some kind of provision to the deal. So you need to be careful when you navigate these sites. If all you want is some no-strings free sex, you need to be abundantly clear about that on your profile. Some people, though, always make the experience more trouble than it was worth.


There are some people for whom there appears to be some kind of disconnect between what they say and how they eventually act. They say they want easy free sex, so you gladly take them up on the offer. But once you have an incredible time that you thought was strictly about physical carnal needs, they start pestering you on a deeper level. They may not say it outright, but they want more from the relationship than just moaning and groaning orgasmic pleasures. You can try to gently reaffirm what you were looking for out of the deal, but that often does not work. Even the fact that they continually email or instant message you can be irritating, as nasty as that sounds. Some people just do not understand the idea of free sex with no commitments, even after initially saying that they do. It can be an awkward road to travel, but free sex should not become remotely stressful.

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