The Have And Have Nots

It seems culture is pretty much divided right down the middle when it comes to free porn videos; you either like them and download them on a regular basis or criticize the medium, message and people who use them, convinced free porn videos are the ruination of the age. There doesn’t seem to be a middle-ground guy or girl, or at least the casual porn watcher is not heard from in the battle between those who love for their xxx film consumption and those who want to see all porn obliterated.

Free porn videos

Why such a violent opposite reaction. Why, on this one issue, are being so vociferously divided? Could it be that when it comes to sex we just don’t like to be challenged? Could it be that freedom to express one’s desires and lusts lays are the core of who we are as adults, while conversely being able to temper those lusts makes the measure of an adult in other people’s eyes? Or is it simply that the depiction of two-or more-people fucking infuriated our senses so much good or bad, that we have to weigh in on the issue of letting those depictions exist.


Whatever our reasons for loving or hating porn, to have a have or have not attitude, to wanting free porn videos to exist in society, it is evident split between the factions of our society seem to battle mostly over this free stuff. To be sure if you hate porn you hate it outright and want to see all of it stopped but if you are a critic the xxx stuff that sticks in your craw most of all is the stuff you know people can get to for free. And if you are a fan of dirty films free porn videos are exactly the stuff you take to the most because it is…free.

The divide between those who will have porn and those who don’t want it at all or for you to have it depends every day as more free porn videos become available every day.

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