Too Much Of A Good Thing

There are so many great things about the internet, but perhaps none more so than the staggering amount of free porn that comes our way on a daily basis with just a few simple clicks. It is hard to remember a time when we had to slink down to the corner magazine store right before closing and quickly buy a dirty magazine to satisfy our dark sexual urges. It seems like a hundred years ago. Now you not only have every image imaginable available to you at all times, but there are tons of fresh and new images every day. It is just an endless parade of constantly updated free porn. Alas, too much of a good thing can sometimes start getting in the way.

Free porn

When you are tired or sick, one of the first things a lot of people will do these days is just log onto a free porn site to waste the day away. It quickly spirals into a masturbation session that goes on for hours. Absolutely nothing else gets done. Sure, you had a grand old time viewing each of the dozens of graphic images up close and in color, but productivity on every other level sank to new lows, even for someone who was tired or sick. But that is just the start of the problem. Too much free porn can become more comforting to people than the real thing. They start having a better relationship with anonymous images than real breathing human beings. Even if they are bored, some people keep clicking, hoping for an even tastier image. Before you know it, months can go by without real sex.


Free porn, believe it or not, is just like anything else in life: if you do it too much, it starts becoming a problem. Moderation is the key here. When you are home alone, no one is policing your activities. It is solely up to you to figure out how much free porn is too much.

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