Sex Illusions

Some people who take on the career of a stage magician will find that it brings with it a tremendous amount of Sex appeal. This Sex appeal is even more potent if they are charming and good looking. Most typically it is a strong combination of looking good and dressing very classy along with the illusion magic. The ability to wow and amaze is very strong. Then when people cannot figure out how things are done it is even stronger still. It surrounds a stage magician with a very real aura of power and virility. When they are off the job they may be everyday ordinary people like everyone else but when they are dressed for the show they have with them a great deal of power.

Fuck her

Most often they will have beautiful attendant who is their partner. They will usually be very attractive women. This offers the men a teasing glimpse of flesh and few will not be imagining what it would be like to fuck her. Some will even try to get back stage so they can meet the performers. Some will go with the idea of getting some pussy but soon discover that a good looking woman like that is already taken. Sometimes it is even the magicians girl. These performers have mastered the arts of illusion and they will very jealously and closely guard their professional secrets of how certain things are done.


Most often they will reveal tiny secrets of little tricks that people can use to wow their friends. These are mostly just little card tricks and things of that nature. That lets the audience and kids feel that they too can be a match for sleight of hand and magic. The truth however is that it takes years of practice when they are single men devoting themselves completely and totally to their craft. Then when they get to the top it all looks so easy.

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