One More Time

Those of us who are just a little bit older can remember a time when there was no movie, radio or television show that came with the ability for us to see something over again. Today we have all become so enamored of our fast forward and rewind buttons, as well as all of our automatic recording devices that we can not even remember what it was like when we could only catch something the first time around.

In addition to all of these capabilities, networks now tend to run shows over and over again so that they can make sure that we have an opportunity to see every bit of everything that is out there in television land. When we happen to be making use of the Free sex videos that are all over the Internet, or exploring any of the adult entertainment or porn sites, all of these button become even that much more important to us. We have all either seen or heard about those old stag films that used to be viewed out of necessity through the aid of 35mm film and an old projector.

Adult entertainment

There was most certainly no forwarding, no rewinding, no stopping and no pausing of any kind. If you missed something, you missed it and the best that you could hope for was that your friends would be nice enough to run the entire film through again for you. Most young people today have no concept whatsoever of what it was like to try to make sure that you only got your snacks or went to the toilet during the commercials for fear of missing something important in a movie or a show. They also have no concept of any kind of porn that does not come with the ability to control it as they wish. So the next time that we find ourselves muttering because we miss something, let’s remember to be grateful that we can simply rewind.

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