The Good And Bad

In a lot of ways it seems like a real shame that so many adult bookstores and sex shops seem to be closing because of the ease and privacy of purchasing such personal items on the internet, but on the other hand, it’s been very good for the consumers who are interested in these products. The competition between internet websites has provided excellent prices for consumers, and many websites offer club points for purchasing from their websites as well which translates into even greater savings for consumers who rack up the points and use them as discounts on items, free gifts or lower shipping costs.

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In a bad economy, the sex trade doesn’t tend to suffer as much as most other industries, but consumers are still cautious about where they spend their money. With free sex videos being so readily available on the internet, it is possible to continue to view porn flicks without spending any money. People will often make choices, such as watching free porn and saving the money to purchase sex toys, sexual aids and other items that will enhance their sex life. People tend to want to improve their sex life and make it more exciting when the economy isn’t so great because it’s free or inexpensive entertainment that can be had at home without going out and spending a lot of money. People who have to make difficult choices with their limited disposable income aren’t necessarily going to spend over $200 per couple on tickets to a Broadway show, but they will spend $35 on a new sex toy and spend a weekend at home figuring out a ton of different and exciting ways to use it and enjoy the pleasure that they can experience from it. People will give up a lot of things when money is tight, but most people will not give up sex. In fact, they tend to seek sex when life is difficult because it makes them feel better to have an intimate connection with someone else.

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