Lucky in Love

There is an old saying that states that if we are lucky at cards, then we will be unlucky in love and vice versa. Well that may have been true during the olden days before the invention of the Internet, but with all of the resources that we have available to us these days, there is really no way for any of us to be unlucky in love or sex, unless of course we refuse to participate in looking for them.

Find love

The world wide web simply abounds with online dating sites to help us find love, and Free sex sites to help us find people to have a hot hookup with or for adult materials to keep us amused for hours on end. When we are at a card game, we are by definition at the mercy of the luck of the cards. We may draw that deuce when we really needed an ace, or we may watch our card fall onto the pile of our next door neighbor at the table, and there is nothing at all that we can do about it. We can only make the best of the hand that we have been dealt and hope that lady luck will intercede and bring us those cards or card that we really need.

Free sex

When we make use of the sites on the world wide web however, it is quite a different story. We do not need luck to be successful in finding someone to date, someone to sleep with, or someone to simply have a chat with. All we need is a decent computer with a fairly updated browser, some privacy, a little free time, and a good attitude, and there is no way possible that we can not meet some fantastic people floating around out there in cyber world. The wonderful thing about the world wide web is that it always allows us to make our own luck whenever we visit.

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