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Most of us who grew up in the MTV generation are aware that it was video that caused the demise of the poor and unfortunate old fashioned radio star. While we may feel a bit bad for these old radio stars, we do love our current hot stars that make the Free porn videos online such a treat for us to watch.

Deep throat

Ever since the invention of the projector and 35mm film, men have been admiring and enjoying watching their favorite porn stars do all those things that they do so well. Over the years there have been different favorite stars for different reasons. Many of us are old enough to remember Linda Lovelace and what a fabulous scandal the movie Deep Throat was able to cause, and to keep things fair on the gender front, let’s most certainly not forget about our old friend Johnny Wad who had quite a bit of fame in his own right. Porn stars and their popularity seem to come and go with the times, just like the careers of our more mainstream stars tend to ebb and flow based on their latest projects.

LInda lovelace

Thanks to the vast resource of the world wide web, we can all find any star that we happen to be interested in simply by entering their name in any one of the available search engines. It does not matter if they have not made a film in years, dozens of links will pop right up to take us directly to them in just a few seconds. There is no reason these days that we can not all enjoy our favorite video stars in all of their endeavors whenever we would like to, right in the privacy of our own homes. So if it is some classic, old school porn, or some brand new cutting edge selections that we seek, all we have to do is to let the friendly Internet show us the way.

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