For the Love Of Masturbation

It is remarkable to hear in this day and age but there are a lot of men and women who still think that there is something bad or wrong with masturbation. But the fact is that there is absolutely nothing that can hurt us about masturbating, alone or next to our partner, from stimulus like free porn or our lover’s encouragement, or their own masturbating!.

A lot of men and women use masturbation in their sex lives and are very happy and very healthy.


One of the biggest myths about masturbation is that when people masturbate they are not having real sex or that masturbation someway runs them for sex with a partner, but nothing can be further from the truth. Masturbation is not just fun but it is perfectly safe and is even considered an excellent form of safe sex in that when people masturbate with a partner there is very little chance of spreading or contracting a sexually transmitted condition. And yes, we can get to liking all that free porn we download but we can like it as much with our partner watching it with us.

Masturbation is actually an excellent way to discover new things about not just your own sexuality but also the sexuality and pleasures of your partner. By masturbating with them you can see what turns them on and share in their pleasure and also share with them what turns you on. It also removes the stress that can sometimes come from trying to make someone orgasm – by having them masturbate they show their partner what it is they like and do not like to get them off.


So if you have issues with masturbation try and remind yourself that there is absolutely nothing wrong with pleasuring yourself or having someone pleasure themselves in your intimacy with them. Introducing free porn into the sexual escapades you enjoy with your partner, as foreplay for a mutual masturbation session or as foreplay, playing with sex toys, or simply introducing new techniques you attempt with your own hand on your own person start and often end with masturbation…but can truly enrich you sex life with a partner.

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