Understanding The Product

God knows our sexual responses and desires are quite the quagmire. If most people give these needs a consideration once or twice in their lives that’s a lot. Sure, the kink-minded among us or those people whose libidos only pump from a fetish think a hell of a lot about their sexual responses but mostly the everyday guy or girl knows to avoid the why they want something and simply tries to go get it. We know that the more time we spend self-analyzing probably the less time we will be doing and when it comes to what we want to do and the people we want to do it with, the doing is all that matters.


The same is true of our porn desires. Who cares why we want to watch what it is we come to watch…let’s just watch it! With the cornucopia of porn available to all of us now and mainly for free, do any of us really have the time to sit back and wonder why we are downloading the dirty video we are, should any of us really care why we are clicking our mouse on that ten second sample, will it really serve us in our porn watching to know why we are watching hetero coupling when we are resolutely homo or why Asian girls get us off so much when we aren’t Asian ourselves?


There might be more of a need these days to talk about ourselves, to blog and to tweet. And to be sure there will come those times we are confronted with having to consider our sexual motivations or even our kinks, but those times come more often than not when we are not involved in the solo delight of watching porn-which a good percentage of the time is indeed a solo pursuit-but when we are with a partner

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