You have to remember that when looking at porn arousal is in the eye of the beholder. What one guy or girl thinks is sexy when it comes to visual representations of sex another will not. It has nothing to do exactly with what acts are being replicated-though sometimes it is as simple as that we don’t like to look at a woman enjoying double penetration-as it might be that what we see is something we actually do enjoy participating in in real life, but we just don’t want to watch it unless we are in it!

Adult video

Sometimes the stuff happening in our adult video hits us the wrong way because of the people involved. Usually porn stars are hotter than hot physical specimens, but we’re not going to be attracted to every single one and when they get it on, no matter if they are getting it on it a way we like to get it on ourselves and something we like to watch, we’re not going to be much into their sex. Sometimes an adult video is paced, cut, lit in ways we don’t like too. It doesn’t take a film student to discern that a director’s style-and yes there are some porn directors that have a distinctive style-is not to your liking.

Sexual preferences

Lot’s of times what happens in the case of us happening to view an adult video we don’t like is that we dial-up some downloadable dirty movie, we rent or buy a DVD, our boyfriend or girlfriend sets the lights low and the P.C. screen at a good angle for porn we thought we were going to be into, an adult video we had a middling curiosity about, the action is a kink we want to try or some mixing of body types and sexual preferences we maybe fantasized about encountering in our life and when seeing this idea made real, even only as real as an adult video, we are repelled.

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