A Reason For Monogamy

Couples everywhere constantly jockey for position, look for ways to compromise without losing too much of themselves and basically battle against free sex in their commitment to monogamy. But finding and keeping the reason for monogamy sometimes is the only thing a couple has where some single daters battle against monogamy so often the battle becomes their only reason for dating.

Free sex

It’s not that most people are thinking they want to be porn stars in their love-lives…though some of us fantasize about that kind of sex life to be sure, at least every once and a while. But the people who want free sex just don’t want monogamy and the people who are monogamous have to often keep their reason for staying chaste with what they feel in their heart. Therefore really, there can be no logic behind monogamy as there really can’t be for free sex and if we want one or the other the only reason we could ever use is the one’s we feel.

Fuck buddy

Yes, free sex, porn perusals, fuck buddy scenarios are all well and good but don’t they seem to be more the property of the dirty movies we download? Doesn’t reality for most of us fall somewhere in between? Aren’t most couples concerned about and dealing with staying faithful and finding reasons to not only do so but reasons why they want to stay in the relationship they are in? Aren’t free dating singles simply looking for causal hook-ups as well as looking to maintain their energy and looking to find partners who want to engage in the free sex they want to? Free sex in the real world is not really about being porn-star free in our lives, it’s about making a choice over who we are and what we want and if we can or cannot find a reason to be monogamous and seeing if we might be able to be truthful to ourselves being or not being.


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