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Most of us were very excited and even amazed a few years ago when we realized that some nice and clever people had invented a service that would let us call ahead to a movie theater and reserve our seats in advance so that we did not have to kill ourselves rushing to the theater and frantically searching for parking only to find that the film we wanted to see was all sold out.

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Today when it comes to our adult entertainment needs, wants and desires, and finding Free porn movies to amuse us we do not even need to leave our own cozy homes. We can simply pop onto the world wide web, enter a few good and well chosen search words and pull up whatever it is that we happen to be interested in. We do not need a parking space, a good seat, or any money at all for a ticket or snacks; all we need is a decent and functioning computer with an updated browser, our own dirty mind, and a few hours of spare time. The old days and ways of movie viewing were certainly very exciting, but they were also a bit stressful as well. Many of us can remember what it was like to arrive at a movie only to see the line stretched around the block, giving us the immediate message that we might not get to see this movie at all. Faced with the prospect of waiting in line for an entire hour and then not getting in anyway, many of us would give up and either find another movie to see or find something else to do that night instead. There is no such stress when it comes to the many available sex videos online; we may have to wait just a few seconds while our selection downloads, but that is just about the extent of the inconvenience that we will experience on a regular basis.

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