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It was not so very long ago that the idea of being able to view an Adult video on an online sex site was something that most of us would have never even thought about for even a moment. Slowly but surely, we got used to the idea of the Internet, the idea of cell phones, the idea of fax machines, and finally the idea of the smart phones that we all carry around with us these days. Today we can view any one of thousands and thousands of adult videos right from our very own homes with only the aid of our very own personal computers or laptops and of course our good judgement.

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About thirty or so years ago most of us thought of the Internet that we kept hearing about as some big, weird, scary and complicated entity that we would eventually have to deal with in our lives. For most of us, once we got over our initial fear and trepidation, we found that the world wide web was a pretty nifty and helpful thing to have at our disposal. We could shop for whatever we needed, we could look up information on any topic, and we could entertain ourselves whenever we wanted to without ever leaving our cozy homes or spending even a single penny in many cases.

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Today, when we access a porno movie to entertain us during our well earned and very rare leisure time, we do not even think of all of the technology that had to be put in place to make our viewing experience possible. What we struggle with is trying to figure out which sites we should use, which movies we like the best, who our favorite porn stars are, and how much time we have to spend enjoying ourselves before harsh reality intrudes on our fun little interlude.


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