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Adult video store

Luckily for us, in the days when the only type of Adult video store that we had was the seedy and seamy one that was somewhat discretely located on the outskirts of town on some highway or another, we didn’t know that we were experiencing something that would soon be outdated and almost an anachronism in just a few short technologically advanced decades to come. If we were fortunate enough to live in a big city during the days before the Internet was invented and became popular and accessible to everyone, we probably did have the opportunity to just pop into a local sex shop as we were passing by on an avenue. For some reason the larger more urban cities did not seem to have to adhere to the restrictions of keeping the adult entertainment venues on the outside of the city limits as the small towns were forced to.

Sex shop

Today we are able to simply hop onto the world wide web and pull up anything at all that we would like to view for our entertainment purposes. We do not have to make a special trip out of our homes and wear a clever disguise in order to get access to movies featuring our favorite porn stars, some new sex toys or anything that we need of a sexual and erotic nature. The entire Internet these days is like one giant adult entertainment supermarket that never closes, never runs out of stock on anything, and never makes us wait in line to pay for our purchases as we dread running into the gaze of a nosey neighbor or someone from our community. When we long for the nostalgia of skulking around the aisles in a sex shop, we can still make the trip to one of the remaining establishments, but when we want a quick resolution to our search for the perfect sexual materials, the world wide web will never let us down.

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