Worker’s Compensation

These are very trying economic times that we live in these days. It seems that everyone knows at least several people who are out of work and struggling to make ends meet. Maybe it is even you. When these things happens, it can have a chilling effect on relationships if you happen to be in one at the time. Suddenly you cannot eat out as much, go to shows, hang out with your friends at bars all the time. You need to watch every penny that you make as you search for another job. But sometimes, searching for another job is just a giant pain in the ass, and men in particular can get sidelined by other pursuits as they sit home all day, every day. Other pursuits like porn come to mind.


Porn is intoxicating. Once you click on one internet porn link, you want to click on another. It very quickly becomes an addiction that you often do not know how to shake. After you have just gone through something traumatic like losing your job, sitting around all day watching nude people do unspeakable things to each other as you engage in marathon masturbation sessions sounds like a pretty relaxing way to spend your time. The way you see things, porn becomes therapeutic. You reason that you will get back to the job search tomorrow. Or next week. Or, hell, if your unemployment benefits can reasonably tide you over, how about in six months? In the meantime, you deserve a bit of a break. Others, though, may not see it that way. Especially if they know about the porn. Someone like your girlfriend or wife may have epic issues with you just loafing around with your dick hanging out. Ultimately, though, unless you have a child to support, the decision is all yours. You may indeed deserve some time off even if finances are a bit tough. And if porn can help you cope, all the better.


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