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Technology today is just such a wondrous thing. It has single-handedly turned much of the population into a bunch of raging sexual fiends, constantly on the prowl for new and exciting ways of getting off. People can use their laptops, phones and cameras almost anywhere to score some sexual action. They even make special mobile applications today that allow you to be tracked and found for hookups if you are out in public. Sex videos, though, are clearly the most glaring addition to the technological sexuality scene. People want to be seen having sex. They want to be ogled and objectified. They want to be the center of attention and seen as sexual trailblazers. So they are constantly on the prowl for exciting places to film their dirty deed. And one of the most interesting settings is surely in the back seat of a taxicab.

Sex videos

Sex videos, sex in public, risk of arrest, voyeurism, the off chance that a threesome will ensue. All of these wonderful titillating things are rolled into one with the filming of your romp in a taxicab. Yes, if you can get away with it, taxicab sex is definitely way up there on the hot scale. Besides the actual sex, the first thing that is exciting about it is the idea that the taxi driver is likely watching you through his rearview mirror. Of course, everything depends on how loud and obvious you are about things. You are not stripping down to nothing in these situations. Rather, you are merely opening a couple of zippers and maybe hiking a skirt or slightly pulling down some pants. It is also best to have such an encounter at night. If you get the right driver, he may offer a hand or even pull over to participate somehow. It is an unrehearsed, random sexual event, which makes it thrilling. And when cameras capture these crazy moments for sex videos, you understand more than ever the appeal of today’s technology.


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