Let’s Go To The Videotape

We live in a day and age where sex videos have become inexplicably super popular across all social settings, from celebrities to rural hicks living next to a cornfield, and everywhere in between. Everyone seems to want either their fifteen minutes of fame or merely just to narcissistically enjoy their own sexual performance on repeated viewings. On this second point, if one were being charitable toward these people, you could actually make a convincing argument that they were onto something, as long as the sex videos were meant strictly for such review purposes and not to be sold or to embarrass a former bedmate. Yes, watching your sex videos over and over again can indeed provide excellent pointers and be a way to actually improve your sexual performance.


First of all, watching yourself fucking or getting blowjobs can understandably become a very hot component of your masturbation sessions. Sure, it is a bit odd to be getting off by watching yourself, but there is a second person involved, so you can comfort yourself that you are not totally a narcissistic creep. And while watching yourself, if you have an open mind, you can truly start dissecting your sexual moves. You can see how fast or slow you are entering someone’s vagina or ass, how rough or gentle you generally are, how much you are talking or moaning, and so much more. It kind of becomes like an out of body experience, analyzing your every move in bed.

Sex videos

When doing such a post-show review, you have to be careful not to be too critical of yourself. A lot of people can actually become a bit insecure by repeatedly viewing their sex videos. It is the same concept as celebrities who do not like watching their own work. Finally, it goes without saying that any sex videos you make should get the all clear by the other partner. Respect the discretion of anyone who ends up in your bed.

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