Wouldn’t It Be Funny?

Everyone has come across someone who has completely fallen for them, and unfortunately, no matter how nice they are, you just don’t want to be romantically involved with them. The feelings they have aren’t returned. It’s a difficult situation to deal with and most people would try very hard let the person down easy. In real life that is how it is played but if your life was one of the many Porn movies on the market the scene would play out much differently.

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Boy meets girl, maybe it is an office situation. The girl is rather plain,, maybe she wears glasses and dowdy clothes. The guy thinks he is stud. She thinks so too and is obviously attracted to him. The guy isn’t much on doing the right thing as he is on getting as much as he can as often as he can. So his first act of business would be seeing how you could use this power to his advantage in order to get as much Free sex out of this girl before turning her lose. One thing leads to another and they are both naked. Plain girl seems to have a smoking body. Big tits, a tiny waist and a cupcake ass. She also gives blow jobs like a hoover vacuum. The guy is blown away but he is still hooked on image and after their fuck session he finds himself hooking up with some dim witted but beautiful chick. They have sex and he spends hours licking her clit making her hot and bothered. It is just about the time that the hot chick is ready to orgasm that the plain chick come sin. She forgot her pocket book or something else lame. She sees them fucking and instead of getting mad she gets hot and strips naked joining them on the bed. Later as the night progresses the two women have a great lesbian scene and kick the guy off the bed.

Porn movies

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