Does It Have To Be Such A Big Deal?

There is no getting round the effect free porn movies can have in a marriage if the watching gets in the way of the doing. But making a judgment that all free porn movies are intrinsically evil seems a bit of an overreaction and not being able to deal with, discuss or compromise spousal use of porn and regular couple sex seems to be childish.

Couple sex

What is at the core of the debate of course is not only the prurient nature of the film in question but that nowadays we can get this stuff for free when we want it into our home. Access has upped-the-ante on criticism as it has consumption and those couples that might have been fighting over one spouses’ attraction to porn before see the problem doubled in the light of free porn movies coming across the modem at an ever speedy rate.

Free porn movies

Of course there are those men and women who take to free porn movies so much that watching the dirty movie becomes all encompassing, does indeed come between them and their spouse and can lead very much to what seems to be an addiction. But there might be lots behind such an ache for this distraction. There might indeed be things the partner of the fervent porn watcher is responsible for if the porn watching is getting out of hand. If a person feel persecuted, put-upon by their spouse, why wouldn’t they take to the faux intimacy of porn stars and Herculean sex?


Sometimes the watcher just likes their porn for no reason at all and they have to work through, with their significant other if they wish to keep that significant other where they fit their fantasy and their reality into the equation. Really, a little attention from both the free porn movie watcher and the hater or what the reasons might be for free porn watching might make watching porn not such a big deal in a marriage or relationship.

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